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Titan Incubators Ultrabright Chicken Egg Candler/Egg Candling - Battery Powered <<< Where to purchase

About this item

  • 🐥【 WORKS WITH SEVERAL DIFFERENT EGGS】Suitable for use with almost every egg type – from Budgie to Ostrich; light, dark, thick and thin – this has even been successfully tested on Rhea eggs!

  • 🐥【 HELPS DETERMINE FERTILITY 】Using our candler for your eggs helps you to identify fertile and infertile eggs during the incubation process

  • 🐥【BATTERY POWERED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE】We designed our candler to be battery powered for your convenience. It uses high-output, high-efficiency cold LED illumination - so you do not need to worry about overheating the eggs during the inspection.

  • 🐥【SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE】We designed our candlers so they are easy to operate and super compact – simply position your egg on top of the black ring shoulder fitting and activate the light with the push of a button. Makes it perfect for beginners and experts and storage no hassle!

  • 🐥【SUPPORTIVE AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Here at Team Titan, we pride ourselves on giving great customer service and after-sales care to all of our customers. Any questions or queries? Don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to provide a solution!

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