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Public Health Information – Selling and Handling Young Poultry

We encourage stores that sell or display young poultry to take precautions to protect public health. Every year, the N.C. Division of Public Health and N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services ask stores that sell or display chicks, ducklings, and other young poultry to help us to educate their employees and customers about health risks associated with handling these birds.

Chicks and other young poultry may have Salmonella (bacteria that can cause illness in humans) even if they appear healthy and clean. Salmonella can be on the outside of the bird, in the droppings, and in the cages, coops, feeders/waterers, hay, plants and soil in the area where the poultry are housed.

This disease can cause serious illness, particularly in young children. Therefore, it is highly recommended to supervise young children when handling poultry and wash your hands thoroughly immediately after handling.

Below are links to information to educate the public on risks and risk reduction. We encourage stores that sell young poultry to display this information to help educate their employees and the public.

Store Posters


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